Episode #13: Heather Chen, Director of Product at Kiavi

March 18th, 2022

Heather has a software engineering and data science background, endeavoring to create and enable AI/ML-powered products that are indispensable, beloved, and empowering to all. Heathers is currently a Director of Product at Kiavi, a FinTech/PropTech start-up empowering real estate investors with modern technology, timely capital to fund opportunities, and the confidence required to unlock the value of America's aged homes. She leads all product activities to grow Kiavi's data differentiation that leads to customer growth, new revenue streams, etc. Before Kiavi, Heather was a Senior Director of Product at JLL, heading JLL's proprietary workplace experience application, powering the hybrid workplace with personalized AI-driven experiences that simplify employees' workday. The application encompasses mobiles, tablets, desktops, kiosks & panels.  Before JLL, Heather was at Google for five years and started as a data scientist and transitioned my career ladder to product management a few years in. Heather's charter was to revolutionize the recruiting industry through ML/AI. Heather and her team built Cloud Talent Solutions to match jobs and candidates better through a suite of enterprise APIs to power our customers' search and recommendation needs.

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