Episode #22: Papatya Sutcliffe, Senior Product Manager at Deliveroo

May 20th, 2022

Papatya is a Senior Product Manager in the Delivery team at Deliveroo. She is responsible for the product roadmap and metrics associated with solving the problem of optimally matching our logistics network's capacity to meet order demand. Effectively matching our delivery capacity powered by a self-employed Rider fleet to a highly peaky and variable order demand profile- whilst at the same time maintaining a strong, compliant Rider proposition- is at the heart of the problem her team is trying to solve. Before Papatya joined Deliveroo, she was at BP. She led the roadmap and delivery of our first ever virtual payment card product aimed at small and micro-businesses in central Europe. Before this, Papatya was in the aerospace sector for five years, working across various roles in three different countries, always working at that interface between the business and technology- which is where she loves to be!

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