Why Samelogic?

Our Reason For Existing
The democratization of product development, coupled with continuous feedback loops, drives success for all. It fosters a culture of collaboration that empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.
Hi, I’m Dwayne, one of the founders of Samelogic. We are a small team focused on building products and tools that anyone can use to easily know what to do next with their products, in particular, UX Designer and Researchers, Product Marketing/Managers, software engineers, and the communities that use their solutions.
As a founder of multiple startups, and the barer of many scars from building and launching these companies, I’m building this product for me and for everyone like me. I wish I had Samelogic when we had no idea where to take products as it would give us the clarity we needed.
Samelogic is the culmination of the 13+ year journey of my cofounder (Shawn) and I.
Since meeting each other as teenagers in college, in Jamaica, we have always been building, learning, and launching ideas that caught the eye of Microsoft (who awarded us 1st place in the Microsoft Imagine Cup) and many movers and shakers in the industry.

So really, why are we building this?

It boils down to 3 things:
  • Using AI to empower anyone with engineering superpowers so they can easily make temporary frontend changes or suggestions, which, if validated, can be made permanent.
  • Using the mechanics of network effects to enable engaging community involvement.
  • Allowing teams and companies to unblock the flow of good ideas coming from anyone or anywhere.
These tenets are the foundation of Samelogic and the tools we’re building work in collaboration to enable this!

The Old Way

The product build death trap

The Samelogic Way

The product build death trap
No longer are team testing in silos. No longer is the customer left out of the most important part of the product development cycle. The time for Social Product Development is now.
Follow us as we attempt to flip the Product Research industry on its head!