Action Sensitive Surveys for
Product Managers

Experience up to 60% response rates with our in-product microsurveys, delivering timely, actionable AI powered feedback right when users interact with your platform. 🍔
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Attach Surveys to

Anchor your microsurveys to specific elements, ensuring you gather feedback on exact features or interactions, thereby fine-tuning your product with laser precision.
Get insights that hit the mark every time, helping you refine your product effectively.
Contextual Survey


With just a click or a tap, users can provide invaluable feedback, fueling a rapid cycle of analysis and improvement that propels your product to exceed user expectations.
Get immediate insights to refine your product, keeping it aligned with user needs.
Contextual Survey

Engage at the
Right Moment

Trigger microsurveys based on user actions, capturing real-time reactions that enable you to make informed, timely improvements, enhancing user experience and product performance.
Collect feedback at the moment of interaction, enhancing the relevance and reliability of the insights you gather.
Contextual Survey

Contextual Questions

Tailor surveys to your product’s unique context with our intuitive configurator, driving actionable insights that empower your team to enhance user satisfaction and product excellence.
Generate questions on-the-fly based on user actions, keeping your surveys relevant and insightful.
Contextual Survey

What Is Our Community Saying?

Without our Community we are nothing, ❤️
Here's what some members had to say!
Yash Nelapati
Founding Engineer, Pinterest
If we had Samelogic in the early days of building Pinterest, we would have gotten to where we needed to be a lot faster.
Dave Feldman
Former VP of Design, Heap Analytics
This makes so much sense. [Product] teams tend to have 1,000 things to build but only 3 engineers to build them, this will help them know which core things to focus on building!
Rojay Simpson
Chief Product Officer, GiftMe
Samelogic helped us quickly validate our new ‘Add Video’ feature that users love! We’ll never be blind, depend on assumptions or gut feelings again.
Stephen Campbell
Founder & CEO, Tiny Acquisitions
We quickly found out if there was any demand for our Sorting functionality. The insights we got back gave us enough evidence to invest the time to build.
Pancrazio Auteri
Board Memeber, Contentwise & Product Coach
Non-technical product people always have lots of things to test but are limited by engineers. Samelogic allows them to be not dependent on engineers, resulting in agility and growth.
Sevdha Thompson
Digital Producer, Coalition Technologies
Being non-technical it's always so hard to modify CSS and other things on various websites. This tool makes it so easy, not sure if I can live without it!