The Atomic Concept Testing Platform for Product Teams

An AI powered In-Product User Research Platform for SaaS Teams to know exactly what to build.
An Animation of Atomic Concept Testing

How it works?

1. Design

Design your idea's call to action

Anyone with an idea can design simple UI in their product to test feature demand. Atomic Designs can be imported from Figma or Sketch.

Live AI assisted CTA designer

Using our browser extensions, anyone in your company can setup their atomic designs and submit it to the team for approval and testing within minutes!
Clone or Import
Use our chrome plugin to clone an existing element from any web product. Atoms can be pulled in from Figma or Sketch.
Visually drag and drop the atom anywhere in your product that represents the entry point of the feature.
Transmute with AI
Modify how your atoms look by giving it natural language instructions. Override with code when necessary.

2. Ask Questions

Gather feedback using Microsurveys

Why are users clicking your feature? Show in-product survey popup when users interact with the concept test.

Beautiful in-product surveys

Design survey questions with our powerful Microsurveys tool. Match the quant with the qual for deeper insights into why users are interacting with the concept.
Custom Styles
Fully customize every aspect of the microsurvey to match the style of your product.
4+ Question types
Select from text box, drop downs, drill downs, ratings, voting and pricing.
Fully Customized Screens
Upload videos, images, or ask questions to make users feel comfortable participating in the test.

3. Test it

Show it to the right users

Target specific audience or a random sample population. See how many people click it and what they say!

Roll it out to your real users

Test on a segment or a small percentage of your users. Combining qualitative and quantative user research and testing provides strong evidence-based product roadmaps.
Segment by randomized percentage roll out or integrate with release toggle tools like LaunchDarkly.
Quantitative Analytics
View impressions, click-through-rates and survey response rates over time. Send this data to Amplitude for further digging!
Qualitative Analytics
View survey responses, dig into who said what with powerful Qual + Quant analysis. Send this data to feedback tools like ProdPad.

Why Do We Exist?


This lands the companies in the Build Trap.

Flow chart of the build trap
Duration: 3 - 6 Months
Cost: $100k - $1M


Rather than building, teams should test first.

Flow chart of the build trap
Duration: 2 Weeks
Cost: $1,000 - $10,000

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