Fake Doors, Real Results

 Real-Time Concept Testing with Samelogic

Have a new feature idea? Samelogic is the world’s first build-your-own concept testing tool using the painted door testing (or “fake door”) method. Save valuable time and money by testing your product or feature before building it.

Fake Doors, Real Data

The painted door testing principle

There is nothing worse than building a product that your users don’t want. That’s where Samelogic comes in.

The painted door test is a proven method of concept testing based on the idea of theoretically painting a fake door to gauge user interest instead of building one. Why spend time and money on materials to build a door with no guarantee that anyone will open it, when you can paint a fake door and see how many people attempt to open it?

Decide Which Users Can Participate.

  • Segment users based on how you see fit.
  • Allow users to enroll themselves in the experiment.
  • Confidently display your Painted Door to the correct sample population.

Test Your Product Ideas without Annoying Users

  • Inform users of the experiment, no baiting, and switching.
  • Prepare users for the test, we dislike Dark UX Patterns too!

Build Better Products with The Scientific Method.

The Scientific Method is the only method of measuring cause and effect. This is known as an Experiment, which tests that your change will cause a predictable effect on the user's outcome.

Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods tell us why with low certainty while experimental methods tell us if we should, with high certainty. We combine them both.

Evidenced-Based Development

Using the highest level of evidence is critical in Product Development to prevent making costly decisions, such as building the wrong feature.

Seamless Feedback Collection

Pairing up an Experiment with Contextual Qualitative Feedback helps get you the insights you need to investigate your hypothesis further.

The #1 Way to Validate Your Idea Without Building Anything

The fastest way to figure out what works for your users.

If we had Samelogic in the early days of building Pinterest, we would have gotten to where we needed to be a lot faster.

Yash Nelapati

Founding Engineer @ Pinterest

10 mins

Time it takes to implement and launch a Painted Door.


Product People said they built the right things when using Painted Doors.


Know what to build, quickly. Save a ton for your budget.

What Are Painted Doors?

Painted doors are non-functional but visual features that are placed in products to measure interest such as conversion rates and feedback. We provide the infrastructure to quickly do this.

Why Painted Doors?

Only 10% of Product Teams are using Painted Doors as they’re difficult to implement. We exist to make this an order of magnitude easier for every Product Team who wants to use them.

What can Painted Doors be used to Test?

Painted Doors are perfect for testing almost any mockup idea you have with your real users. Do you have a specific Use Case that you’d need a template for? Let’s Chat.

How do We Remove User Frustration from this process?

We allow users to enroll themselves into the experiment and inform them of a possible time the experiment will go live but won’t say exactly when.

Get Evidence, Build Confidently

The better way to figure out what works for your users.

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