Get Amazing Ideas From Anyone and Anywhere! 🔮  

Harness the power of your community and team with AI to build products that solve real problems. The time for Social Product Development is now!
  • ConceptGPT – Use Generative AI to create or modify UI elements for Concept Testing. Drag and drop them anywhere.
  • Community Hub – See updates on what your favorite products and product creators are up to.
  • Customer Voice – Collect Qualitative and Quantitative feedback from your Concept Tests and in key points in your user's journey, just-in-time.
  • Concept Analysis – Quickly learn which ideas work and which ones don't. Store all of your ideas and concept tests in our repository, along with their outcomes.
An Animation of Atomic Concept Testing

What Is Our Community Saying?

Without our Community we are nothing, ❤️
Here's what some members had to say!
Yash Nelapati
Founding Engineer, Pinterest
If we had Samelogic in the early days of building Pinterest, we would have gotten to where we needed to be a lot faster.
Dave Feldman
Former VP of Design, Heap Analytics
This makes so much sense. [Product] teams tend to have 1,000 things to build but only 3 engineers to build them, this will help them know which core things to focus on building!
Rojay Simpson
Chief Product Officer, GiftMe
Samelogic helped us quickly validate our new ‘Add Video’ feature that users love! We’ll never be blind, depend on assumptions or gut feelings again.
Stephen Campbell
Founder & CEO, Tiny Acquisitions
We quickly found out if there was any demand for our Sorting functionality. The insights we got back gave us enough evidence to invest the time to build.
Pancrazio Auteri
Board Memeber, Contentwise & Product Coach
Non-technical product people always have lots of things to test but are limited by engineers. Samelogic allows them to be not dependent on engineers, resulting in agility and growth.
Sevdha Thompson
Digital Producer, Coalition Technologies
Being non-technical it's always so hard to modify CSS and other things on various websites. This tool makes it so easy, not sure if I can live without it!

Harness the Power of Network Effects and AI

Unleash your product's full potential by tapping into the collective wisdom of your community, combined with cutting-edge AI technology. We enable seamless collaboration for front-end suggestions, empowering users to co-create and refine your product like never before!
Crowdsource Innovation 🕸️
Leverage the diverse perspectives and experiences of your community to generate creative front-end ideas, driving continuous improvement and increased user satisfaction.
Prompt-Powered UI Changes 💬
Simplify front-end design with Generative AI, enabling anyone to make seamless changes without coding expertise. Experience the future of collaborative design powered by AI.
Effortless Collaboration 🙌
Foster a sense of ownership and engagement among your users with an intuitive platform that enables seamless discussion, voting, and implementation of front-end suggestions.

Align Your Goals with Users' Needs

Need to run a Market level test quickly? No problem! 👊 Our no-code AI platform lets you test your ideas and concepts with real users, track important metrics, and improve your product – all without writing a single line of code!
An Animation of Atomic Concept Testing
Make Data-Driven Decisions with Ease 🧠
With Concept Intelligence you can quickly and easily collect, visualize, and analyze key metrics, so you can make informed decisions that drive results.
Increase User Engagement and Satisfaction 🚀
Concept Intelligence helps enables quick ideation and validation, enabling users to efficiently explore and test 'atomic' concepts in real-time.
Give Users A Voice, For Real 🗣️
User Feedback at every step is crucial. Include your users' voices in your decisions before hand-off to engineering.

Iterate Without Restraint!

With our AI-powered platform, anyone can easily iterate and customize their products without any technical skills, allowing for creative freedom and limitless experimentation.
An Animation of Atomic Concept Testing
Update Anything, Quickly! ⚡️
Our AI Design Generator allows you to quickly and easily update anything, whether it be copy or UI.
Don't know code? It's No-Code. 😅
Use natural language to create or modify existing text or elements. Powered by Generative AI.
No Engineer Needed. 😍
Make quick front-end changes without waiting weeks to see your update live. Empower yourself with AI.


Our integrations are carefully curated to provide you with the best possible experience and value. We are constantly exploring new integrations, so check back often for updates! To learn more about our integrations and how they can enhance your product research process, please contact us or visit our support page.
An Animation of Atomic Concept Testing
Pipe Data Anywhere 💯
Our data piping capabilities offer seamless integration with other software, providing deeper insights for your product research.