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Episode #43: Aditya Rao, Lead Designer at Yoomi
Aditya works as a Lead Designer for Yoomi Health, a business in the medical industry that uses artificial intelligence to reinvent physical therapy. He works on Yoomi's digital experience platform to make a patient's interaction with their therapist more fun. Prior to this, he served as a Design Strategist at ThinkPlace, where he created a framework for digital ethics to aid businesses in navigating ethical strategies for digital transformation. Additionally, he worked as a product designer for JioTesseract Reliance while he was in India, where he helped create the JioGlass, India's first mixed reality product. He is pursuing his master's degree at Parsons School of Design right now, and in his spare time he likes to watch anime, cook, and work out.
Steven Samuels
Episode #42: Yonas Berisa, Product Designer at Asurion
Yanos works as a product designer for Asurion in Nashville. He has ten years of experience in digital consumer communication and a background in graphic design and sales. He has sharpened his attention to detail and design quality as a human interface designer. Yonas is passionate about technology, design, and how they might improve the world. He is adamant that design and technology can support the economy and environment while assisting societies worldwide in resolving complex issues.
Steven Samuels
Episode #41: Matt Meeks, Senior UX Designer at Jitterbit
At Jitterbit, an Integration Platform as a Service, Matt works as a Senior UX Designer. Thirty years ago, he began as a graphic designer before gradually switching to UX design, where he has worked for the last ten years. He specializes in user experience design for business software programs and finds the complexity and difficulties presented by these products to be stimulating.
Steven Samuels
Episode #40: Justin Leonard, UX Architect at Axway
Formerly from Southern California, Justin Leonard now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where he works as a principal user experience architect. He has assisted businesses, ranging from early-stage startups to major brands, in building teams that comprehend their users over the past 15 years. He served as a consultant for businesses such as Teleflora, No Fear,, H&R Block, and others as they implemented digital transformations throughout their products and services.
Steven Samuels
Episode #39: Mahmoud IIyan, VP of Product at VBOUT
Mahmoud has extensive expertise as a product manager with a proven track record of fostering innovation and achieving results. His professional interests and skills include leading international teams, creating plans and roadmaps, and solving design and coding problems. He has had the chance to work with a variety of businesses all across the world, and these different encounters have given him insightful knowledge and practical expertise. Mahmoud is dedicated to advancing his knowledge and abilities in his current position to produce significant results for my organization and the clients he serves.
Steven Samuels
Episode #38: Tracy Dai, Senior Product Designer at LinkedIn
Tracy works at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions as a Senior Product Designer. She previously created software for Flexport for the global supply chain's sustainability problems. Tracy spent four years at Adobe before joining Flexport, where she designed various B2B SaaS products that help marketers be more effective. She majored in marketing and is highly passionate about the convergence of marketing technology and product design. Shanghai, China, is where she was born, and she has lived in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Portland, LA, and Portland before settling with her husband and dog in the Bay Area.
Steven Samuels
Episode #37: Pancrazio Auteri, Board Member at ContentWise
Pancrazio is a Product management executive and serial entrepreneur who uses a focused and challenging approach to assist company founders in becoming investable.
Steven Samuels
Episode #36: Magda Pereira, Product Owner at OutSystems
At the low-code platform OutSystems, Magda serves as the Product Owner. She works on integrating AI into the OutSystems IDE to help speed up the programmer's work who creates OutSystems applications. Her most recent contribution makes it simpler for developers to execute complex searches by utilizing Language Understanding to automatically build queries to fetch data from databases. Before becoming a product owner, Magda held a position as a product designer.
Steven Samuels
Episode #35: Jake Taylor, Director of Product Design at JumpCloud
Jake has been a designer for 16 years. He has assisted organizations and teams in developing their UX practice capabilities. Additionally, Jake fosters and encourages the adoption of design best practices while inspiring and accelerating design innovation. He spends his free time reading, watching movies, and spending time with his two wonderful boys.
Steven Samuels

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