Episode #92: Adapting to Change in UX Design with Aneta Kmiecik | Samelogic Podcast

Aneta shares her journey from architecture to UX design, highlighting challenges, AI's impact on UX, and the importance of effective research and feedback loops.

Aneta shares her remarkable career journey from architecture to UX design, highlighting the challenges and transitions she faced. She discusses the overlaps and differences between the two fields, the impact of AI on UX design, and the importance of effective research methods and feedback loops. Takeaways

  • Aneta's transition from architecture to UX design was driven by a desire for more variety in tasks, greater interaction with people, and higher earning potential.

  • Soft skills, visual skills, and storytelling were the hardest to develop when transitioning from architecture to UX design.

  • The ability to manage various needs and design tools were overlapping skills between architecture and UX design.

  • Building relationships, involving locals, and understanding culture are essential for effective research across language and cultural barriers.

  • AI can augment UX design, but designers need to adapt and develop their skills to stay competitive in the industry.

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