Building The Future of Contextual Product Research

"This is an excerpt from our Yahoo! Finance article, that highlights how we help product teams understand their users contextually through the use of our tools."

As first-world society continues to advance technologically, social and cultural norms make major shifts every day. The world of e-commerce and digital services has created a unique universe in which any company can find itself at the forefront of its industry simply by knowing how and when to strike. So while the digital age continues to expand, who are the people making the rise with it? One such duo of co-founders, Dwayne Samuels and Shawn Mclean, have already taken on themself. They have founded a platform called Samelogic for Agile UI Experiments for Product Teams.

Feedback methods and systems have opened many doors for individuals and companies to help them get back and make the most of their resources. Samelogic, in a very short period, has already taken it upon itself to help by using product micro-surveys to its advantage. The founders have found that many corporations lack the detailed feedback experience and the means to create meaningful, impactful, and lasting digital brands in any hyper-competitive market.

They worked on creating a feedback and survey platform that can be contextual, where feedback methods should be easy to implement, and companies should be able to get specific feedback on everything they or their product team needs at the micro-level.

The team at Samelogic worked on creating feedback methods that are minimally intrusive, able to respond to easy to implement. The feedback system that Samelogic delivers not only listens to users but also understands them. Samelogic can help companies find unique ways to translate this tremendous tool into a means by which to grow their products efficiently while keeping the complete product team in sync through user feedback.

Before starting Samelogic founders, Dwayne and Shawn were obsessed with understanding how to capture user feedback. They won the Microsoft Imagine Cup and realized how vital user feedback is to building products. Both founders have humble beginnings, and they grew up in Jamaica. They are 3x founders. Shawn played a vital role in Auth0's multi-billion dollar acquisition of Okta this year. The company raised a pre-seed Round from MaC Venture Capital, Barbarella Ventures, and a few notable executives based in Silicon Valley.

Samelogic is one of those companies that is a platform-first focused company that is re-defining digital customer experience transformation platform. The company's platform has an innovative methodological environment that emphasizes context and speed. The ability to quickly test ideas in live products with painted doors and beacons makes a big difference.

As shared by founders, the platform aims to replace in-house experimentation tools at large software-based companies and enable the automatic generation of code from user feedback. It will help product teams to run experiments at all stages of the product development lifecycle.

The democratization of the feedback system by Samelogic is entirely unprecedented. It can distribute information at every step to the team, and it's incredibly powerful. As the world shifts more and more to one where "perception is reality," platforms like Samelogic can play an incredibly powerful role in building out a massively credible feedback ecosystem, with product teams to match.

There have been various suggestions by industry leaders advocating that feedback tools should provide more transparent and comprehensive data analytics, dynamic restructuring of engagement algorithms, and an aggressive feedback ecosystem.

While these are all potential options, only time will tell us what to expect of the future of the feedback ecosystem. And whatever that future may hold, expect to see Samelogic at the forefront of it.

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