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Samelogic: Improved Microsurvey Experience
Samelogic Staff

New and Improved

  • Better experience for modifying microsurvey pages and field types.

  • Email notifications of when a user has completed a microsurvey.

Microsurvey UX Improvement

Our Improvements are:

  • Working Previewer on the right.

  • UI for adding pages and fields.

  • Field types for drop down, long text and drill down.

A drill down field type is where the content of one field depends on what the user selects in a previous field. It is used to fine-tune a users response. We modeled ours from Qualtrics Drilldown.

Before and After

When we started, our microsurvey was configurable by raw JSON:

What it looks like now:

New Email Notifications

We want to keep our users as hands off the product as possible and notifications and reports being sent to the tool of choice is important.

Our first iteration of this is to send emails of the survey responded event.

You can setup your notifications under the research settings:

An email will contain all the fields and identity properties that you have setup:

Demo Video

Or view on Loom:

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