What is a Microsurvey? - Contextual Product Research

A microsurvey is an agile survey tool that allows anyone to capture feedback from active users. It enables the collection of actionable and contextual user feedback, enabling the creation of a customer-centric product.

A microsurvey allows your users to feel comfortable giving feedback. This approach provides the contextual opinions of core users, enabling you to prioritize and plan product features that should be built.

Product Enhancement

We all have ideas of what our users want, but users want a product to fit their specific needs continuously. We can stay updated in this continually evolving environment by getting actionable data through agile user feedback. This, in turn, gives you the data needed to make a better product.

Microsurveys are an excellent means of getting feedback from a specific feature before it is built. Let's assume you want to quickly gauge interest for a new feature that users have requested. You can collect data by setting up a trigger to activate the microsurvey on contextual UI elements. If there is interest in this feature, users will activate the microsurvey to start a conversation with users to understand how they would like to use the proposed feature. This enables you to collect customer feedback faster, which is necessary when in the continuously changing world of SaaS.

Improves Customer Service

Don't you like it when someone asks for your opinion on a specific topic that has been bothering you? Yes, who doesn't? We want to express exactly how we feel to those in charge. We all want to make our tools work to our advantage, so why should this be different with our users?

Microsurveys allow users to give contextual feedback. Right after completing the action related to the question. If you ask someone what they didn't like days after their experience, their answers will likely be untrue as the experience is not fresh in their memory. Microsurveys create an environment where users feel comfortable giving quick and timely feedback based on the context of their actions. This approach helps you get better data from users, and when they see that their feedback has been implemented, their bond with your company becomes unbreakable.

Enhance Customer Retention

The ability to keep a user is no easy task. That's why knowing your core users' level of expectation for your product is key to understanding whether a user stays or leaves. Microsurveys allow users to give actionable feedback, building a product that provides users with maximum value while shaping a quick product roadmap built for success.

Users are more inclined to stay with you because you are making the features they want and the necessary adjustments needed for a smooth user experience and an optimized product around them.

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