Concept Testing with Figma

Skip the Engineers

Validate your idea in hours, not weeks!

  1. Import components from your design mockups
  2. Drag and drop it anywhere on your website
  3. Get unbiased analytics and feedback from real users

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Fake Door Test using your design system

Literally drag figma components unto your website. Setup who sees the test. We will take care of the analytics and surveys. Don't wait on UX or Engineers to implement your test!

Test with real users in their real environment

Stay in product, get unbiased evidence. Accurately target by user attributes such as plan, role or behaviors. Import your cohorts from LaunchDarkly, Amplitude and others.

Who is doing what

Powerful combination of qual and quant, such as conversion funnel and user feedback. Send these events to your analytics tool for further investigation. Understand who really wants the feature and why!

Prioritize ideas based on ROI

Dig into which category of users are gravitating towards your idea. Ensure you are building the right idea for the right segment of users.

Get Evidence, Build Confidently

The better way to figure out what works for your users.

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