Episode #45: Ayelet Paz Akler, Product Design Lead at Applitools

Ayelet is a skilled product designer and user experience lead with years of experience in the tech sector. She has spent the last few years directing design teams to produce memorable experiences for mobile and B2B SaaS solutions while working at fast-paced start-ups. She has a thorough understanding of the entire design process, from research to delivery, and is knowledgeable about organizational procedures as well as Agile approaches. Ayelet formerly worked for a large enterprise organization called NICE as a member of a global UX team. She had a significant role in developing and implementing a new design system for the company's merchandise. She oversaw converting several design tools to one, which increased productivity through better teamwork and collaboration with other stakeholders. She mentors aspiring designers and hosts seminars and meetups to give back to the design community when she is not creating new designs. She approaches everything she does with an eagerness to learn and develop, constantly looking for ways to make things better and stay ahead of the curve.
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