Episode #46: Kadie O'Malley, Lead Product Designer at MVMNT

At MVMNT, a free TMS platform for freight brokerages, Kadie is currently in charge of leading the product design department and developing a top-notch design team. She served as a Customer Experience and Design Consultant for various businesses before joining MVMNT. Kadie has expertise in developing new products from conception to launch, utilizing her technical and creative skills to forge cross-collaborative connections and guarantee product success. Kadie has a master's degree in experience design and an informatics degree from Indiana University. She is passionate about fostering design as a strategic pillar within enterprises, making experiences that leave customers in amazement, and producing products that have a beneficial impact. When she's not nose-deep in Figma, you can find Kadie eating her way through Chicago and hanging with her dog Kobe.
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