Episode #49: James Dunckley Lead UX Designer at Edelman | Samelogic Podcast

As a Lead UX designer at Edelman, James is known for his curiosity, motivation, and empathy. He has built his career by combining his love for design with his talent for devising uncomplicated solutions to complex challenges. James has dedicated more than two decades to graphic and web design. His transition to UX design has presented fresh and stimulating opportunities, enabling him to incorporate his experience and passion for enhancing his craft. By allowing research to steer his path and design choices, James has amplified his capacity to create immersive and captivating experiences for end users.

A Deep Dive into James' Journey

James is a Lead UX Designer at Edelman, a global communications firm that partners with businesses and organizations to help them achieve their goals through various communication strategies. James is known for his curiosity, drive, and compassion in his work, and his passion for design has defined his career for over 20 years.

James' Background and Expertise

James began his career as a graphic and web designer, and his expertise in these areas has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to the UX field. His ability to find simple solutions to complex problems has been invaluable in his work. He has developed a reputation as someone always willing to take on a challenge and find a way to make things work.

The Importance of Product Experimentation

One of the keys to James' success as a Lead UX Designer is his focus on product experimentation. James understands that to create engaging and immersive experiences for users; he must be willing to try new things and take risks. He has developed a process for experimentation that allows him to test new ideas and approaches while minimizing risk and maximizing impact.

The Experimentation Process

James begins his experimentation process by conducting research. He believes that research is the foundation of good design, and he always starts by gathering as much information as possible about the product, the user, and the market. He conducts user interviews, surveys, and focus groups to deeply understand the user's needs, goals, and pain points.

Once he has gathered this information, James begins to develop hypotheses. He identifies areas where he believes he can improve or create new experiences to meet the user's needs better. He then develops prototypes or designs that test these hypotheses.

Rapid Prototyping

James is a firm believer in the importance of rapid prototyping. He creates prototypes quickly and tests them with users to get feedback. Based on this feedback, he iterates on his designs, making changes and improvements until he feels confident that he has created a plan to meet the user's needs.

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Impact

James' experimentation process is designed to minimize risk and maximize impact. He believes that by testing his designs with users early and often, he can identify and address any issues before they become significant problems.

Results of James' Experimentation

James' focus on experimentation has led to some impressive results in his work at Edelman. He has created innovative and engaging user experiences that have helped Edelman's clients achieve their goals. His willingness to take risks and try new things has also earned him a reputation for always looking for improvement and innovation.

The Power of Empathy and Inclusivity

In addition to his focus on experimentation, James is known for his compassion and empathy. He understands that his work impacts people's lives, and he always keeps the user's needs and goals at the forefront of his mind. He is committed to creating experiences that are not only engaging and immersive but also inclusive and accessible.

James' work at Edelman is a testament to the power of product experimentation. By staying curious, driven, and compassionate, he has created designs that truly meet users' needs. His willingness to take risks and try new things has allowed him to stay at the forefront of his field, and his commitment to empathy and inclusivity has made him a valuable asset to his team and his clients.


In conclusion, James' focus on product experimentation is critical to his success as a Lead UX Designer at Edelman. His willingness to take risks and try new things has allowed him to create innovative and engaging user experiences. In contrast, his focus on empathy and inclusivity has ensured that these experiences are accessible to all.

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