Episode #55: Johnathan Le, Senior UX Designer at Appian

Jonathan is a Senior UX Designer at Appian with three years of experience, passionate about creating simple experiences for his users. In his free time, he provides tips to junior UX designers through his TikTok @johnathanyouruxmentor.

A Deep Dive into Jonathan's Journey

Jonathan is a Senior UX Designer at Appian, passionate about creating simple and intuitive user experiences. He has been in the industry for three years and has gained a reputation for his innovative and experimental approach to product design.

In addition to his work at Appian, Jonathan uses his free time to share his expertise with junior UX designers on TikTok under the username @johnathanyouruxmentor. He provides tips and tricks on designing and creating exceptional user experiences. He aims to help other designers improve their skills and create better products for their users.

Using Surveys to Gain Valuable Feedback

One of Jonathan's primary focuses is gathering feedback from users. He uses surveys to gain insight into their experiences, preferences, and pain points. This information helps him identify patterns and develop ideas to improve the product. Jonathan encourages users to provide negative feedback, believing it is the key to improving the product.

Jonathan understands that user feedback is crucial to product design and takes a hands-on approach to collect it. He believes that the best way to improve the product is to get feedback directly from the users.

Creating Simple Experiences for Users

Jonathan's passion for creating simple and intuitive user experiences is evident in his work. He believes that the best user experience is easy to use. His design philosophy centers around creating a user-centered product that is easy to navigate and understand.

Jonathan is committed to designing products that are not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly. He believes a great user experience should be seamless, intuitive, and efficient.

Innovative Product Experimentation

Jonathan's experimental approach to product design sets him apart from other designers. He believes that experimentation is essential to creating exceptional products.

He believes product experimentation is the key to staying ahead of the competition and delivering exceptional products to users.

The Importance of Collaboration

Jonathan believes that collaboration is critical to product design. He understands that creating an exceptional user experience requires input from various stakeholders, including designers, developers, and product managers.


Jonathan is a passionate Senior UX Designer committed to creating simple, intuitive user experiences. He uses surveys to gather user feedback and experiments with product design to develop innovative solutions. He is a team player who values collaboration and believes that the best ideas come from working together.

Jonathan's dedication to work and willingness to share his expertise with others make him an exceptional UX Designer. He is a role model for junior designers and a valuable asset to the Appian team.

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