Episode #59: Johnny Bilotta, VP Of Product at Chain.io | Samelogic Podcast

Johnny is an accomplished product leader with extensive experience in financial technology and software solutions and is currently the VP of Product at Chain.io. Before Chain.io, Johnny served as VP of Product Design at myClin and PHILANTHROPI, where he standardized design styles, implemented scrum practices, successfully coordinated a pilot program with American Express, developed comprehensive product strategies, and established efficient deployment processes. He also held the position of Head of Design at Arcweb Technologies, where he led a digital design department and developed sales strategies. With expertise in product management, creative strategy, team leadership, and product design, Johnny Bilotta brings valuable skills to any organization.

The Foundation of Success

Johnny showcased an unwavering passion for product design and innovation. After graduating with a degree in Design, he embarked on his professional journey and quickly rose through the ranks, gaining valuable experience in various organizations. His tenure as Head of Design at Arcweb Technologies allowed him to establish and lead a digital design department, laying the foundation for his future achievements.

Shaping the Future of Product Design at myClin and PHILANTHROPI

At myClin and PHILANTHROPI, Johnny Bilotta took on key leadership roles, revolutionizing product design and strategy. As VP of Product Design, he standardized design styles, implemented scrum practices, and created a full product design system. Notably, his coordination of a successful pilot program with American Express, enabling card members to contribute to donor-advised funds, demonstrated his ability to drive impactful initiatives. Johnny's detailed product strategies for multiple verticals within the financial technology sector, including B2B2C solutions and payment services for nonprofit organizations, exemplify his ability to think strategically and deliver innovative solutions.

Unleashing Innovation at Chain.io: VP of Product and the Power of Experimentation

Johnny's current role as VP of Product at Chain.io further solidifies his status as a visionary product leader. At Chain.io, he has fostered a culture of product experimentation, recognizing the immense value of pushing boundaries and constantly seeking innovative solutions.

The Art of Product Management

Leadership and Strategic Partnerships Central to Johnny's success is his exceptional skill in product management. With a keen understanding of market trends and customer needs, he has crafted comprehensive product strategies that have driven growth and differentiation. Moreover, his ability to establish and nurture strategic partnerships has created parallel work paths for product development, fostering collaboration and ensuring successful outcomes.

Delivering Excellence

User Experience and Designing User experience lie at the core of Johnny Bilotta's product philosophy. As an advocate for exceptional user experiences, he has provided oversight and direction on all aspects of product user experience and Design. Johnny has driven customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring a seamless and intuitive interface, making his products stand out in the market.

Inspiring Leadership and Team Empowerment

Johnny's leadership style is marked by inspiration and empowerment. He excels in leading cross-functional teams, driving alignment, and fostering a collaborative and innovative environment. Through effective team leadership, he has consistently delivered exceptional results.

The Future of Product Innovation

Johnny's impact on product innovation is poised to grow even further. His expertise in creative strategy, product development, and product design will continue to shape the future of financial technology and software solutions. By championing experimentation, strategic vision, and user-centric Design, he will undoubtedly drive organizations to new heights of success.


Johnny's journey as a visionary product leader has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early career to his current role as the VP of Product at Chain.io, his focus on product experimentation, strategic vision, and exceptional user experiences have set him apart as a true industry pioneer. With a track record of success in financial technology and software solutions, Johnny continues to inspire and empower teams, drive innovation, and shape the future of product design. As the technology landscape evolves, his expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence will undoubtedly impact the industry as a whole.

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