Episode #60: Chuck Moore, Chief Design Officer at DesignMap

Chuck shares his 15+ years of expertise in creating exceptional user experiences. Chuck's passion for innovative design solutions shines through from his work at TIBCO Software Inc. to leading the Customer Experience team at Wells Fargo. Discover the value of user-centered practices, visionary features, and collaborative approaches in shaping the future of UX. Please tune in to explore the power of product experimentation and its impact on delivering outstanding user experiences.

Designing Rich User Experiences: The TIBCO Years

Working alongside Product Owners and Technology teams, Chuck confronted the challenge of designing rich user experiences for complex enterprise software problems. The small yet dynamic design team at TIBCO required a fresh approach to user experience design practices, leading Chuck to spearhead internal education initiatives. Through generating content for brown bag sessions, the team emphasized the value of designing software with a user-centric approach. Furthermore, they played a pivotal role in defining internal processes to streamline collaboration with product and technology teams.

Transforming Online Banking: Customer Experience Design at Wells Fargo

Chuck's next chapter unfolded at Wells Fargo, where he assumed the role of Customer Experience Design Manager, responsible for shaping the Online Banking and Bill Pay initiatives. Managing a team of talented Interaction and Visual Designers, Chuck played a crucial role in impacting millions of customers' daily experiences and enabling them to effectively manage their bank accounts. However, Chuck's vision extended beyond incremental improvements. He delved into the realm of visionary features and products, igniting excitement among leadership and fostering alignment among teams toward future goals. As part of a small, dedicated team, Chuck helped define and document best practices for a user-centered design approach, ensuring consistent excellence across the organization.

Redefining Boundaries: Innovative Projects in User Experience

During his earlier tenure at Wells Fargo as a Senior Interaction Designer, Chuck collaborated with a diverse team of interaction and visual designers, researchers, and front-end developers. Together, they embarked on ambitious projects, such as the redesign and re-platforming of the Wells Fargo public site, the revolutionary implementation of the Bill Pay product, and the development of account aggregation products. Not content with merely improving existing features, Chuck's team explored groundbreaking ways to blur the boundaries between user learning and their logged-in experience. These efforts revolutionized the user journey, creating a seamless and intuitive digital banking experience.

Building a Foundation: Chuck Moore's Early Years as an Art Director

Before his transformative roles at TIBCO and Wells Fargo, Chuck honed his artistic skills as an Art Director at Stein Rogan and Partners. During his five-year tenure, he cultivated a deep understanding of aesthetics, composition, and visual storytelling, which would later inform his approach to user experience design. This formative period laid the groundwork for Chuck's artistic excellence and the innovative mindset that permeates his work.


Chuck's illustrious career is a testament to the power of product experimentation and its ability to shape exceptional user experiences. From his early days at TIBCO to his influential leadership at Wells Fargo, Chuck's relentless focus on experimentation has propelled him to the forefront of the design industry. By championing user-centered practices, generating visionary features, and blurring the boundaries of user experiences, Chuck has become a driving force in the quest for design excellence. As we look to the future, his journey serves as a guiding light, inspiring designers to embrace the transformative potential of product experimentation.


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