Episode #62: Afua Bruce, Author of The Tech That Comes Next | Samelogic Podcast

Afua Bruce is a leading public interest technologist whose work sits at the fascinating intersection of technology, policy, and society. Afua has an impressive history of serving her country and her community through various roles, demonstrating the powerful impact that technology can have when used for the public good. Her career started in the tech industry at IBM as a software engineer. She then took her talents to the FBI, using her engineering and management skills to serve her country. From there, she moved to the White House, where she directed federal interagency coordination through the National Science and Technology Council. Subsequently, Afua led the Public Interest Technology program at New America, she served as the Chief Program Officer at DataKind, and currently, Afua is the Founder and Principal at ANB Advisory Group, an organization supporting responsible technology development. Afua co-authors "The Tech That Comes Next” alongside Amy Sample Ward. This book outlines how companies can deploy technology to improve people's lives and solve social problems.

Shaping the Future: A Dynamic Career Path

Early Steps in Tech Industry and National Service

Afua's journey began in the tech industry, where she served as a software engineer at IBM. During this formative phase of her career, she honed her technical expertise and gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the technology landscape. However, her ambition extended beyond individual success; Afua sought to leverage her skills to make a broader impact.

This calling led her to the FBI, where she utilized her engineering and management acumen to serve her country. As a public servant, Afua understood the potential of technology in advancing national security and law enforcement efforts. Her role at the FBI exemplified her commitment to using technology responsibly and ethically.

White House Tenure: Orchestrating Federal Coordination

Afua's dedication to public service and technology caught the attention of the White House. There, she directed federal interagency coordination through the National Science and Technology Council, fostering collaboration between government agencies to address critical challenges. Her experience in this high-profile role reinforced her belief in the power of technology to drive positive change at a national level.

The Catalyst for Change: Public Interest Technology

Leading the Charge at New America

With a keen understanding of the potential for technology to solve social problems, Afua joined New America as the leader of the Public Interest Technology program. This platform enabled her to bring together technologists, policymakers, and advocates, creating a collaborative space to address pressing societal issues through innovative solutions.

Empowering Data-Driven Social Change at DataKind

Afua's passion for using data and technology to drive social change led her to become the Chief Program Officer at DataKind. Here, she harnessed the power of data science to empower nonprofits and social organizations, amplifying their impact and effectiveness. This role solidified Afua's reputation as a thought leader in the realm of public interest technology.

ANB Advisory Group: Forging a Path to Responsible Technology Development

As the Founder and Principal of ANB Advisory Group, Afua continues to champion responsible technology development. The organization serves as a guiding force for tech companies, assisting them in deploying technology in ways that prioritize social impact and ethical considerations.

The Tech That Comes Next: Empowering People and Solving Social Problems

Collaborative Authorship

Afua Bruce co-authors "The Tech That Comes Next" alongside Amy Sample Ward, a seminal book that provides a blueprint for deploying technology to improve people's lives and tackle complex social challenges.


Afua Bruce's journey from a software engineer to a leading public interest technologist exemplifies the potential of technology when wielded responsibly. Her career has been marked by a deep commitment to serving society and leveraging technology to drive positive change.

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