Episode #64: Joseph Argiro, Head Of Product at Enter The Void

Joseph Argiro, Head of Product at Enter The Void, has left an indelible mark on various industries, from college tours to cryptocurrencies. With a career spanning over a decade, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess in product experimentation and innovation. Joseph built Uber / Aribnb for college touring marketplace in 2015 until selling early to a competitor. He then worked on Wall Street until he left to join a crypto startup, ICO Alert, as their 2nd employee, helping them scale to 30+ employees and multi-millions in ARR. He joined as a data analyst and quickly became the head of product role. He then joined Hewlett Packard as a Product Manager, leading cross-functional innovation projects across emerging technologies initiatives such as big data, IoT, 5G, and blockchain. He now works as Lead Product Manager for a web3 NFT infrastructure startup.

From College Tours to Cryptocurrencies: A Journey of Innovation

Joseph's journey began in 2015 when he founded a groundbreaking platform, often referred to as the "Uber/Airbnb for college tours." This B2C marketplace targeted active college students and prospective college students, providing them with a unique opportunity to explore campuses and get a taste of university life. Joseph's visionary leadership led to the rapid growth of this venture, which eventually boasted a team of seven full-time employees. In a bold move, he sold the software to a competitor in 2016, showcasing his ability to identify strategic opportunities for growth and exit strategies.

Leading the Way in Crypto

After his successful foray into college tours, Joseph ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies. He joined ICO Alert, a B2C marketplace connecting crypto businesses with retail investors, as the second employee. Joseph played a pivotal role in scaling the team to over 25 individuals and achieving multi-million-dollar annual revenue between 2017 and 2018. His journey at ICO Alert began as a data analyst, but his aptitude for innovation and product management quickly catapulted him into the role of Head of Product.

Navigating the Corporate Landscape

Joseph's career path took yet another turn when he transitioned to the corporate world, joining Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as a Product Manager. At HPE, he assumed responsibility for leading cross-functional innovation projects across emerging technologies such as big data, IoT, 5G, and blockchain. His role extended beyond product management as he designed and built a marketplace integration platform that connected to over 25 global hardware marketplaces across more than 50 countries, generating annual revenue exceeding $100 million. His tenure at HPE showcased his ability to thrive in a large organization and drive innovation in complex and dynamic markets.

Continuing the Journey in Web3 NFT Infrastructure

Joseph's relentless pursuit of innovation led him to his current role as a Lead Product Manager for a web3 NFT infrastructure startup. In this cutting-edge space, he continues to demonstrate his ability to adapt to evolving technologies and drive product development in uncharted territory.

A Focus on Product Experimentation

Throughout his diverse career, Joseph's commitment to product experimentation has been a constant driving force. He has consistently embraced new challenges, industries, and technologies, leveraging his skills to lead teams and achieve remarkable results. Here are some key takeaways from Joseph's journey:

1. Entrepreneurial Vision: Joseph's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his founding of a college tour marketplace and his ability to recognize opportunities for growth and strategic exits.

2. Adaptability: His seamless transition from college tours to the cryptocurrency sector and later to corporate giants like HPE underscores his adaptability and versatility.

3. Leadership: Joseph's leadership acumen is demonstrated by his role as Head of Product at ICO Alert, where he contributed significantly to the platform's growth and success.

4. Innovation: His work at HPE, particularly in spearheading innovation projects across emerging technologies, exemplifies his commitment to pushing the boundaries of product development.

5. Web3 NFT Infrastructure: In his current role, Joseph remains at the forefront of technological innovation, contributing to the evolving landscape of web3 and NFTs.


Joseph's journey from college tours to cryptocurrencies to corporate innovation and web3 NFT infrastructure is a testament to his unwavering commitment to product experimentation and innovation. His ability to navigate diverse industries and consistently deliver results underscores his status as a true product innovator. As the tech world continues to evolve, Joseph stands as a shining example of the dynamism and adaptability required to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

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