Episode #65: Mark Baldino, Co-founder at Fuzzy Math | Samelogic Podcast

Mark Baldino, Co-founder of Fuzzy Math, is at the forefront of UX design, driving businesses to new heights through strategic design thinking. With a wealth of experience in human-centric design, he's a catalyst for optimizing products, boosting customer engagement, and enhancing profitability. Mark's recent insights shed light on the evolving UX landscape. He champions a more human-centric approach, stressing the vital role of research, strategy, and data in the design process. Today, he's dedicated to empowering internal design teams, helping them make a significant impact within organizations. His expertise covers everything from best practices to aligning design with business goals. Mark hosts the "UX Leadership by Design" podcast, a treasure trove of knowledge. Tune in to stay updated on UX trends and strategies. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn to expand your network!

Mark's UX Odyssey

Mark Baldino's journey in UX design reads like an adventurous expedition through uncharted territory. He has navigated the ever-changing landscape of user experience, adapting and evolving as the industry itself transformed.

The Evolution of UX

Early in his career, Mark recognized the need for a paradigm shift. He advocated for a more human-centric approach to design, challenging conventional practices. This visionary perspective led to a fundamental shift in how businesses approach UX.

The Human-Centric Revolution

Mark's emphasis on human-centric design cannot be overstated. He understands that at the core of any successful product lies the user, and he championed this philosophy even before it became a buzzword.

A Human-Centric Manifesto

His work highlights the importance of meticulous research and strategy in the design process. Mark believes that a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors is the cornerstone of effective design.

Empowering Internal Design Teams

Today, Mark's focus has shifted towards empowering internal design teams within organizations. He firmly believes that design should not be isolated but deeply integrated into the fabric of a company's culture and operations.

Cultivating Design Impact

Mark's approach involves partnering with these teams to harness their potential. He guides them in making a profound impact within their respective organizations, emphasizing the alignment of design efforts with broader business goals.

Best Practices and Beyond

In his recent discussions, Mark delved into various aspects of UX design, covering everything from best practices to measuring success.

The UX Toolbox

One of his key messages is the importance of demonstrating the value of design. He believes that measuring customer satisfaction and incorporating data and analytics into the design process are essential steps towards achieving this.

Embracing Weaknesses and Different Perspectives

Mark's humility shines through when he acknowledges the struggle of turning weaknesses into strengths. He understands that growth often stems from recognizing areas for improvement.

The Strength in Vulnerability

Moreover, he places a high value on listening and considering different perspectives. Mark knows that diversity of thought enriches the design process and leads to more innovative solutions.

Mark's Podcast: "UX Leadership by Design"

Mark Baldino's commitment to advancing UX design goes beyond his consultancy work. He has also ventured into the world of podcasting with "UX Leadership by Design."

Tuning into UX Wisdom

In this podcast, he shares valuable insights, trends, and strategies that are shaping the UX landscape. It's a must-listen for anyone passionate about UX design.

A Vision for the Future

As Mark continues his journey in UX design, he remains dedicated to several core principles:

Navigating Forward
  1. Strategic and Inclusive Design

    : He aims to define and implement a more strategic and inclusive user-centered design process, a testament to his commitment to human-centric design.

  2. Partnerships and Growth

    : Mark seeks to establish partnerships with internal design teams in large organizations to help them grow and scale their impact and influence.

  3. Continuous Learning

    : He encourages designers to stay updated on industry trends and advancements, ensuring they remain at the forefront of UX design.

  4. Advocacy and Impact

    : Mark is on a mission to advocate for the design process and demonstrate its value to stakeholders, addressing the broader challenges of people, processes, and business.


Mark Baldino's contributions to UX design, his emphasis on human-centricity, and his dedication to product experimentation make him a luminary in the field. His journey serves as an inspiration for all those looking to shape the future of user experience. As the UX landscape continues to evolve, Mark Baldino will undoubtedly be at the forefront, leading the way towards more innovative and user-centric design solutions.

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