Episode #67: Staying Inspired in UX with Janisa Simmons | Samelogic Podcast

Get ready for a fun, insightful chat with Janisa Simmons, a leading UX expert with over 16 years in the field. In this episode, we cover everything from Janisa's journey into design to her vision for the future. Janisa shares what sparked her initial interest in UX, transitioning from Non-Profit to corporate UX, to leading design at Seeq and teaching part-time. We get the inside scoop on her process for research, ideation, prototyping, and testing. Janisa offers advice for designers starting out, along with her thoughts on emerging trends and the bold UX innovations she hopes to see someday. With humor and honesty, Janisa gives us a peek into the triumphs and challenges of being a Principal UX Designer. She explains how she balances creativity with business needs, and why she's so passionate about human-centered design. You’ll walk away from this episode with fresh inspiration, as well as practical tips you can apply in your own projects. Whether you’re a designer, developer, product manager or just love learning from UX leaders, you won’t want to miss our revealing chat with Janisa.

Janisa is recognized as a UX pioneer in the industry. Her extensive journey has been marked by crafting superior user experiences for notable corporations, positioning her as a vanguard in the realm of human-centered design.

Serving as the Principal UX Designer, Janisa is the linchpin of product research and the mastermind behind design executions for a foremost analytics platform. Her expertise has been pivotal in morphing outdated systems into intuitive, user-centric designs that fuel business growth.

Design thinking isn't just a methodology for Janisa; it's her calling. She is dedicated to constructing environments that resonate with users. Whether through leading cross-functional workshops or offering mentorship to budding designers, her life orbits around the ethos of UX.

Janisa embodies a blend of imaginative foresight and practical problem-solving. More than anything, she is a stalwart advocate for the end-users of the products orchestrated under her aegis, always prioritizing their needs and aspirations in the design blueprint.

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