Episode #68: Storytelling + Design = Magic! with Emilie Mazurek

In this episode, Emilie, a former biochemistry and music student turned Senior UX/UI Designer at VEERUM, shares insights on the importance of soft skills and storytelling in UX design. She offers tips for managing stakeholders, emphasizes career-goal alignment, and highlights the value of an active LinkedIn presence.

Emilie Mazurek is a passionate and accomplished Senior UX/UI Designer who brings a unique perspective to user experience design. After exploring diverse fields including biochemistry and mentoring youth in music, Emilie found her calling in UX design.

Rapid promotion to senior roles reflects Emilie's talent for solving complex user problems and advocating for customers. At VEERUM, she spearheads high-impact redesigns that have significantly improved customer satisfaction for major brands.

Known for her creative problem-solving and innovation, Emilie empowers aspiring designers to find their own path in UX. She joins the Samelogic podcast to share insights from her diverse career journey and extensive experience leading impactful projects. Listeners will gain actionable tips on advocating for users, navigating career changes, and developing innovative solutions.

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