Episode #69: Can Your Work Align with Your Values in UX? with Sowmya Subramanian | Samelogic Podcast

In this episode, Sowmya shares how she navigated her career journey into product management, following her passion for understanding customers and solving problems, how she found her ideal role, and how she enjoys the fast pace and organizing chaos to drive impact.

Sowmya Subramanian found her way into product management, though she didn't know it as a career path early on. She enjoyed understanding customers and solving problems.

At a nonprofit, Sowmya took on product manager duties like leading research and overseeing the portfolio. This made her realize it was her calling.

Daily, Sowmya enjoys collaborating with her global team and using technology creatively. She provides clarity on client needs and goals. Previously at Tata, Sowmya honed skills but faced information silos. At a nonprofit, she gained customer access and expertise in areas like Lean.

Her diverse experiences prepared Sowmya for product management focused on social impact.

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