Episode #71: Generating Design Ideas that Resonate with Aram Stepanian

Aram, a seasoned UX designer and Adjunct Professor at Pace University, creates dynamic learning environments for 100+ graduate students in UX & Prototyping. Aram's former design leadership at Touch included creating designs for an AI SaaS platform, which helped secure pre-seed funding for a minimum-viable product and earned a spot in the Techstars New York City startup accelerator. Aram bridges academia and hands-on design leadership.

Dive into the UX world with Aram on The Samelogic Podcast! Aram stresses active listening's role in successful product design, sharing his daily tools—Asana, Figma, and Fit. Discover the emotional future of UX, exploring emotions, game design principles, and Openai's screen analysis feature. Passion meets collaboration as Aram navigates solo design challenges and offers valuable advice for budding designers.

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