Episode #77: How to Overcome Barriers in UX with Jessie Chen | Samelogic Podcast

Embark on UX designer Jessie Chen's remarkable journey from 2D game artist to a Principal UX Designer at Autodesk. Explore her fusion of visual arts with UX, uncovering secrets to award-winning designs. Jessie shares insights on career growth, communication, and unconventional inspiration. Tune in for creativity and actionable advice.

Jessie Chen, Principal UX Designer at Autodesk, elevates her career from Facebook to roles at ZapLabs, Godfrey Dadich Partners, KongZhong Corp., and btrax. Her journey includes collaborating with Realogy brands, designing for J.D. Power and Symantec, and contributing to PocketFort mobile game's visual design and marketing. Chen's innovative approach integrates art, UX, and strategy across diverse projects.

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