Episode #80: Designing for Sales Teams with Alissa Marr | Samelogic Podcast

Product UX designer Alissa Marr transitioned from graphic design to design sales software for startup Trender.ai, adapting her skills for this new user base. She shares approaches like understanding customers, innovating outdated sales workflows, strategically enhancing user experience by digitizing processes and researching industry trends.

Product UX designer Alissa Marr discusses her career pivot from graphic to UX design and adapting her skills for the sales software startup Trender.ai's new user base of stressed quotas-driven teams. She leverages existing skills in competitive research and generational trends while pivoting to understand this high-pressure customer group. Approaches for innovating outdated workflows using digital processes involve pulling requirements, discussing with managers, researching, and storyboarding ideas to move projects forward efficiently.

Emphasizing the importance of borrowing successful design patterns, Alissa shares her "scrappy" approach of iterating quickly at the small startup to solve problems. This includes sketching quick designs, creating relationships visually, and sharing behind-the-scenes processes with users. Staying on top of industry news through various channels helps her strategize solutions focused on enhancing user experience by streamlining tools to sell faster. Tight deadlines are met by digitizing manual workflows. 

Alissa's ability to pivot quickly and assess the big picture for solutions clearly aligns with startup success. This candid peek offers some solid techniques for effective design transitions.

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