Episode #81: Uncovering the Product Mindset with Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall, VP of Design at CoStar Group, joins us to discuss her journey from graphic design to leading digital transformation for the commercial real estate data leader. Jess shares key lessons on testing ideas through experiments, achieving alignment in design, understanding organizational behavior, and applying a user-centric approach - valuable insights for any product team.

Our guest Jessica Hall joins as the VP of Design at CoStar Group. She shares how she found her way from graphic design and exhibit design into the world of commercial real estate, leading transformation efforts at the data giant. She faces the unique challenge of making data accessible and valuable to the company’s highly diverse users - brokers, owners, lenders, appraisers, and more.

Key insights Jessica shares include the importance of testing ideas through experiments, achieving alignment on priorities, and expressing intent to empower teams. She advocates understanding irrational organizational behaviors in order to influence effectively. She also discusses being comfortable with your own authority, balancing creative vision and analysis, and focusing on speed but not at the cost of perfection. With deep expertise bridging the gaps between design, product, engineering and business leadership, her user-centric approach and scrappy, entrepreneurial mindset contains valuable lessons for any product team.

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