Episode #82: The UX Research Reckoning Is Not Here with Debbie Levitt

Strategist Debbie Levitt shares her adaptive approach to transforming companies by balancing customer needs and business goals. Learn how proper research, not assumptions, helps startups gain clarity. Hear Levitt's perspective on the value of user-centric product development and the need for accountability in understanding users.
The UX Research Reckoning Is Not Here

Debbie brings infectious excitement as she details her expansive expertise in strategy, design, research, and more. With a knack for solving problems, she shares how she helped guide a fledgling startup to success through research and planning. No guesses - just truth seeking. She offers a compelling critique of current trends that she sees as troubling. Quality research is being devalued for speed's sake alone, yet failure rates remain high when user truths are ignored. She makes a strong case for accountability and breathing room for researchers to dig deeper into user needs. If we hope to leverage UX strategically, we should take notes from Debbie's playbook. This conversation brings renewed appreciation for UX's integral, user-centered role.

Debbie also critiques Judd Antin’s article, “The UX Reckoning is Here” and shares her unique perspective on the current and future state of the UX industry.

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