Episode #83: How to Chart Product Path with Siddharth Ilangovan

Sid cracked the code to climb from business analyst to senior product leadership at Autodesk, Amazon and more. In this insider podcast, he downloads hard-won insights on understanding customers, navigating PM roles, crafting strategies, championing users amidst dissent, leveraging data in tough calls, and learning to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Sid Ilangovan has charted an impressive course from business analyst to senior product leadership, navigating across companies, technologies, and continents along the way. His 10+ years in product management forged a trailblazer known for uncovering consumer insights, spearheading high-velocity innovation, and leading with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sid kickstarted his journey conducting user requirements analysis and product specifications in India before pivoting into hands-on product management. As founding PM at telecom giant Plintron, he pioneered an API-first product strategy that accelerated partner integration. Over three years, Sid guided the end-to-end product development of 7 complex offerings including an IoT platform.

A stint at Autodesk further bolstered his expertise in product-led growth. With rigorous experimentation, he achieved 44% increased subscription conversion for AutoCAD by drastically reducing time-to-value for new users. Sid then integrated his technical knowledge with business savvy during his MBA at ASU, even co-founding a student PM club and coaching future product talent.

Upon joining Amazon Advertising, Sid demonstrated his nimbleness across strategic planning, consumer empathy, and operational excellence. He launched initiatives enhancing campaign performance and approval rates while architecting a next-gen ad platform to multiply feature velocity. At AWS, he owned product strategy and go-to-market for IoT Analytics services used by industrial Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Today, Sid brings his multifaceted product lens to transform ML platforms through intuitive design and strategic oversight at a leading data services firm. He continues evangelizing PM best practices through prominent outlets like Product School.

For aspiring PMs, Sid’s framework highlights the career superpowers prized in modern product orgs – technical depth, creative confidence, strategic clarity, and unwavering customer advocacy. Master these, and the path to product leadership awaits.

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