Episode #84: How To Master The Art of Creation with Bob Baxley

Bob Baxley, a seasoned Silicon Valley UX Designer, shares his journey in software design and unique perspectives on Apple's culture, his experience working with Steve Jobs, leadership challenges, and the impact of his Autism Spectrum Disorder on his work.

In this captivating episode, Bob Baxley, a renowned Silicon Valley designer, explores his fascinating journey in software design. Bob shares how his diverse background in engineering, art, and philosophy has shaped his approach to design, emphasizing the importance of uncertainty in creating innovative solutions. He also discusses his pioneering book on web design, which taught the basics of design to non-designers and helped crystallize his own ideas.

Bob delves into his tenure at Apple, where he led design for the online store and worked on various projects, including the Apple Store app and systems for Apple retail stores. He shares anecdotes about his interactions with Steve Jobs and other Apple executives, highlighting Jobs's keen understanding of user behavior and the company's design-centric culture. Bob also touches on his experiences with Autism Spectrum Disorder and how it has influenced his work as a designer, contributing to his success while also presenting communication challenges.

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