Episode #85: How to Transition from Generalist to Specialist with Julia DeBari

Julia DeBari, a seasoned UX designer, shares her fascinating industry journey on the Samelogic podcast. From her early days in interaction design to navigating the challenges of a rapidly evolving field, Julia offers valuable insights into the world of UX. She discusses the shift towards specialization, the potential impact of AI, and the importance of ethics in design.

Julia DeBari, a seasoned UX designer, shares her captivating journey in the industry on the Samelogic podcast. She recounts her early days in interaction design, working with Adobe tools and flash animations, and the thrilling challenges she faced in her first startup job. Julia also opens up about an unexpected turn in her career when she was laid off along with 60 other employees, only to be offered a chance to rejoin the company two weeks later by the CEO himself.

As the conversation unfolds, Julia and host Dwayne Samuels delve into the evolution and future of the UX design industry. They discuss the shift from generalists to specialists due to economic factors and explore the ethical implications of AI in the field. Julia predicts a potential return to generalists and suggests that AI could redirect the focus of UX design from visual aesthetics to problem-solving and strategic thinking.

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