Episode #86: Effective Communication in Design Leadership with Josh Klenert

Josh Klenert, Chief Design Officer at Bakkt, shares insights on crafting user-centric experiences in the latest Samelogic podcast. Discover how empathy, research, and adaptability drive innovation across industries, from crypto to entertainment. Klenert discusses balancing creativity with regulations, championing inclusivity, and the evolving role of design leadership.

Josh Klenert, formerly Chief Design Officer at Bakkt, shares his extensive experience in the design and product design industry. From launching iHeartRadio and the Huffington Post to venturing into the crypto and loyalty space, Klenert emphasizes the importance of understanding user needs and adapting to platform familiarity. He highlights the challenges of educating customers about emerging technologies and stresses the value of both quantitative and qualitative research in informing design decisions.

Klenert and host Dwayne dive deep into the significance of understanding end-user experiences in product design and development. They discuss the challenge of time constraints and the need to spend time with customers to gather valuable insights. Klenert warns against designing based on "highly paid personal opinions" and emphasizes the importance of generative research. He also touches on the balance between user protection and modern experiences, the role of designers in interpreting regulations, and the pursuit of inclusivity, particularly in accessibility. Klenert shares his journey of turning his weakness of being heads-down creative into a strength by improving his communication skills, especially in leadership roles.

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