Episode #87: Empathy, Storytelling, and Design Systems with Mitchell Clements

Mitchell, an engineer turned UX designer and product manager, shares insights from his journey, highlighting the value of foundational research and user engagement in shaping actionable product strategies. He discusses building design systems, managing growth, and aligning UX with business goals, offering advice to aspiring professionals.

Mitchell discusses his journey from engineering to UX design and product management, highlighting how his engineering background has given him a unique perspective on solving complex design and product issues. He emphasizes the importance of foundational research and regular exposure to users in order to uncover the right insights and translate them into actionable product strategies. Mitchell also shares his experience in building design systems and managing cross-functional teams during times of rapid growth. He discusses the role of UX design and research in driving user acquisition, retention, and expansion in a product-led strategy. Mitchell emphasizes the power of storytelling in inspiring and motivating others, as well as the importance of aligning UX design and research with key business metrics. He concludes by offering advice to early career UX designers and product managers.

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