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Product Update: Custom Microsurvey Styles
You now customize the look and feel of the Microsurvey. Thanks for your feedback!
Samelogic Staff
Product Update: Improved Microsurvey Editor Experience
You now have access to more data collection methods, and improved data management. Thanks for your feedback!
Samelogic Staff
8 Reasons You Should Be Using Microsurveys
What product should you build next? How can you improve your product? These questions can be answered with microsurveys.
Samelogic Staff
How to Use Contextual Inquiry for Product Research
Learn how gathering contextual insights from users can help you build better products and improve the user experience.
Samelogic Staff
10 Advantages of Using Painted Door Tests
Product teams launch new features to get product feedback. What if you could get feedback from users without launching?
Samelogic Staff
Applying The Scientific Method to Product Research
Many Product Managers lean heavily on their intuition when it comes to product research. What if there was a better way?
Samelogic Staff
Account Microservices w/ AWS AppSync & Cognito
Our process of selecting an appropriate technology stack, and designing microservices using event-driven architectures.
Samelogic Staff
How Siri's Founder Tests and Launches New Ideas
Adam Cheyer is an entrepreneur, a pioneer in artificial intelligence and computers human interfaces, and Siri's creator.
Samelogic Staff
Building The Future of Contextual Product Research
An excerpt from our Yahoo! Finance article, that highlights how we help product teams understand users contextually.
Samelogic Staff

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