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How We Outgrew AWS Amplify in a Pre-Seed Startup
A review of AWS Amplify for Samelogic's React dashboard - How it served its purpose, and how we outgrew the product.
Samelogic Staff
Build, Measure, Learn with Lean Experimentation
Applying Lean Experimentation to Lean Startup's build measure learn loop to increase accuracy and shorten the loop
Samelogic Staff
Tenets of a Great Microsurvey - It's Context!
Microsurveys should be easy to implement and understand. Data garnered from usage should be contextual and improve product.
Samelogic Staff
Helping Businesses Understand Their Customers’ Needs
Samelogic is a low-code solution that anyone can use to gain feedback on ANY action people do with only a few clicks.
Samelogic Staff
What is a Microsurvey? - Contextual Product Research
Microsurveys enable the collection of actionable user feedback, enabling the creation of a customer-centric product.
Samelogic Staff
How To Build Custom Product Feedback Tools
A guide on how to use Microsurveys to collect contextual user feedback to send it to Asana, Google Sheets, and Slack.
Samelogic Staff
How User Experience Research is done at Facebook
We spoke with Vanessa Michelle Garcia, UX Researcher at Facebook about ways Product Managers can use research to understand users.
Samelogic Staff

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